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Forward Thinking

We explore and cultivate technology in order to implement it in a sustainable manner. We build on what works for us and our clients. We are always open to new ideas. Have an impossible idea? We know a team that can make it work.

Client Relationships

Our clients mean the world to us, and a good relationship means more to us than simply closing a deal. No client is too big or too small for us to work with, and we actively encourage anyone, with even a simple idea, to come talk with us.

Problem Solvers

Our team excels in problem solving. We solve and create complex puzzles on a daily basis. Our consulting requires broad use of both left and right brained thinkers and we work with only the best. Our team doesn’t just think out of the box, they’ve thrown the box away completely.

Customer Support

We want our clients to be happy. Our clients are happy if the people who use their creations are happy, and the best way to bring about all that happiness is to find out what our clients need so we can give it to them.


Autodesk Design Software Training

In order to help you get where you going quicker, we can help show you the way. We provide assorted training programs for both teams and individuals, and can also provide customized training programs to suit every clients needs.



  • Building Design Software Training 100%
  • Civil Design Software Training 100%
  • Plant Design Software Training 100%
  • Product/Industrial Design Software Training 100%
  • Game Design Software Training 100%
  • CAD Design Software Training 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Specialist BIM Consulting

BIMGAMES Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in the implementation of Building Information Modelling. Our energetic and highly motivated teams provide guidance, support and services to AEC project teams. With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in a broad range of project types and BIM requirements, we are well-versed in the practical challenges presented by BIM to companies and their project teams. We provide assistance in implementing, improving and sustaining BIM processes.



  • Expert BIM Managers 90%
  • BIM Resources Development 90%
  • Short Term BIM Assistance 90%
  • Expert BIM Team Training 85%
  • BIM Planning 90%
  • BIM Projects 80%
  • Customer Happiness 99%

Autodesk Reseller Support

We know the Autodesk industry inside-out and we’re here to help. We give expert training to your new Application Engineers, we provide freelance trainers and technical support on large projects. We consult and demonstrate solutions on your behalf, and all sales leads are ALWAYS given directly back to you. We do not sell software. You sell software and we’re here to help you in any way we can.




  • We provide expertise on all Autodesk Software packages 100%
  • We provide freelance trainers for you to utilise 99%
  • We offer complimentary advice and recommendations 100%
  • We help you win more clients 100%

Autodesk Software Training Plans for Everyone

Autodesk Training Plans