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At BIMGAMES, people are our greatest assets...


At BIMGAMES we strive to build people. Our people are our greatest assets and we like to look after them. Working at BIMGAMES  is tough, the challenges are enormous, hours are long, responsibilities heavy and most tasks always seem impossible until they are done. We know people are just people, so we encourage learning and growth in all that we do, and we support each other by working together. In knowing how demanding our roles are, we encourage the idea that ‘No maker of things should work alone’ and you’ll find that you’ll usually work together with someone in almost everything that you do. You’ll meet amazing people at BIMGAMES, have the opportunity to explore great ideas, and work with some of the most distinguished clients in the world. No two projects will ever be the same, and you’ll be encouraged to grow and adapt everyday. We recognize people who help us grow, and we recognize people who help our clients grow too. At BIMGAMES we are here to do good, to help, to lead the world forward and to bring life into every thing that comes toward us.


Think you have what it takes to work with us? Send us a message. We like talented people. We like people looking for change. We like people looking to develop. Send us a sample of your best work and we’ll see what we have for you. Welcome to BIMGAMES Let’s make something great together. recruitment@bimgames.com  

BIM Studio Intern

A BIM Studio intern is an essential part of a multi-disciplinary BIM technology team. As a contributor on projects, you have the opportunity to learn from the best, hone your skills, and push the boundaries of digital BIM experiences.

BIM Trainer/Project Manager

We’re looking for aspiring industry certified Professionals who are expert BIM instructors/mentors. We are seeking team players looking to advance their A-game and become the next generation of BIM Management Consultants.

BIM Consultant

An expert BIM software consultant, facilitating the adoption of BIM structures and processes. You’ll work with clients helping them to achieve their goals, and be there to provide BIM planning, leadership and on-site mentorship.

BIM Management Consultant

A BIM Management Consultant leads the BIM Revolution by developing, positioning and building consistent BIM management approaches and critical success metrics across the entire BIMGAMES client and team portfolio.