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Leaders in the Virtual Design and Construction Management Industry


Award Winning BIM Implementation Consultants


ISO and BSI Approved Training and Consulting Partners


Best Design Managment Consulting Team in Southern Africa

We developed BIMGAMES as a platform to connect companies who need world-class BIM skills with consultants that live, breathe and dream BIM Management.

All The Right Things

Our consultants come from a wide range of specialist fields. We are all Autodesk Revit Certified Professionals, ATC Trainers and Certified Autodesk Consultants.

We all have proven expertise and abilities, and our skill-sets are only exceeded by our passions.

We are Architects, Engineers, Designers, Management Consultants, Business Developers and Leaders in our field.

Our team employs only the most highly intuitive consultants that are always ahead of the BIM game.

We Do Not Sell You Software

We provide your team and projects with proven expert leadership, from beginning to end of a project. (Or for even just the amount of time you need.)

We Sell You Incredible Advancements

With us, you can advance as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the shortest and most efficient path possible.

We work with you, at your own pace, in your own environment, in order to develop your BIM teams, projects and resources.

Let's Make Something Together